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About Away With Words

Away With Words is the longest running spoken word open mic night in Hull. Hosted by Miki Higgins and Jim Higo, we currently reside at Hull’s cultural epicentre – Union Mash Up, 22 Princes Avenue, Hull. Our regular open mic night takes place on the third Thursday of every month and is the place where the brightest of poetic performers come to show off their many and varied talents.

We are a “genre busting” spoken word evening that welcomes all kinds of performance; poetry, comedy, theatre, sketches, storytelling, prose and anything else! Every show/event includes a guest performance from an established poet/performer from outside of the City and we have been able to bring some unbelievably talented acts to Hull.

All of our events are free and we rely solely on the support of the local community to keep the events going.

If we have a purpose (We hate that sort of thing!) it is to provide a place where anyone wanting to perform can do so in an informal, friendly and non-judgmental environment. It’s a place for people who want to share their work/ideas or for those who want a platform to go on and perform in other places. There is no artistic snobbery or preferential treatment and everyone is welcome and valued equally.